Water Birthing Facilities in Singapore

There are numerous benefits of using water during labour and birth such as relaxation hence reduce pain, allow freedom of movement, less medical intervention, more enjoyable, avoid episiotomy-cut in the perineum, speed up labour and create a positive birth experience. As a labouring woman relaxes in the water tub, she feels less discomfort during her labour. Water birth not only provides gentle birthing for the mother, also provide the smoothest transition for the baby coming into this world since he comes from water environment.

Despite the benefits of water in birthing, not all women are comfortable to give birth in the water. Then using water as a comfort measure which we call it water immersion or hydrotherapy may be an option to pain relief medication.

Not all hospital staffs and doctors are trained in handling water birthing. Currently there are only two hospitals provide water birthing facilities. There are National University of Hospital (NUH) and Thomson Medical Centre (TMC). Natitonal University of Hospital requires parents to hire either a Doula or EMMa care midwife (NUH) to be present at the birth if you choose water birth as your birthing options. 

National University of Hospital Room 12, Room 7 and Room 8

Doctors who provide water birth

  1. Prof. Chong Yap Seng
  2. Dr. Anupriya Agarwal (F)
  3. Dr. E. K. Tan Prefers EMMa Care
  4. Dr. Vanaja Kalaichelvan(F) prefers EMMa Care
  5. Prof. Mahesh Choolani prefer EMMa Care
  6. Dr. Citra Mattar (F)

Thomson Medical Centre Room 6 & Room 15

  1. Dr. Lai Fon Min-A Company for Women, Camden Medical Centre
  2. Dr. Paul Tseng-TLC Gynaecology Practice
  3. Dr. T. C Chang-WC Cheng and Associates
  4. Dr. Benjamin Tham-WC Cheng & Associates

Hospital Tour and Costs

NUH Maternity Tour– Call Women’s Clinic at 6772 2255, Delivery Suite at 6772 5602.
Estimated cost: $400

TMC Maternity Tour call 6358 0055/ 6350 8876
Estimated cost: $350 for Hydrotheray & $3500 for water birth

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