“When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change” ~ Marie Mongan 

Benefits of Preparing your mind and body for Childbirth:

Mental Preparation for Mother, Father and Baby

  • Husband no longer feels helpless but learns to support partner in labour bringing the family closer together.
  • Reduce fear around childbirth, be in control and make informed choices
  • Trust in own’s ability to bring baby into this world confidently and gently
  • Bring family closer together – partner understands the basic needs of labouring mother and learn how to support her like a pro
  • Shorter comfortable labour – follow her birthing body instead of resist the flow
  • Deep relaxation promotes the release of Endorphins, body’s own natural pain-killer, reduce the need to use pain-relief drugs. Hence, higher success rate in natural birth
  • Reduce anxiety, reduce birth injuries, reduce trauma, reduce subsequent medical costs
  • Faster postpartum recovery even for mother who ends up with c-section
  • Baby has better muscle tone, calmer and better adjusted in life outside of the womb
  • Tap into your natural relaxant- endorphins which is 200 times more effective than morphine
  • Learn law of the Mind and how to apply it in labour & birth and your daily life
  • Partner’s understanding of birth process and support techniques in labour creates a positive birth experience
  • Gentle birth reduce birth injuries and birth trauma for mother and baby

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