Fresh Recipe of Calm Natural Birth

Husband no longer feels helpless but learns to support partner in labour bringing the family closer together.

“When you change the way you view Birth, the way you Birth will change” ~ Marie Mongan 

  • Reduce fear around childbirth, be in control and make informed choices

  • Trust in own’s ability to bring baby into this world confidently and gently

  • Bring family closer together – partner understands the basic needs of labouring mother and learn how to support her like a pro

  • Shorter comfortable labour – follow her birthing body instead of resist the flow

  • Deep relaxation promotes the release of Endorphins, body’s own natural pain-killer, reduce the need to use pain-relief drugs. Hence, higher success rate in natural birth

  • Reduce anxiety, reduce birth injuries, reduce trauma, reduce subsequent medical costs

  • Faster postpartum recovery even for mother who ends up with c-section

  • Baby has better muscle tone, calmer and better adjusted in life outside of the womb

  • Tap into your natural relaxant- endorphins which is 200 times more effective than morphine

  • Learn law of the Mind and how to apply it in labour & birth and your daily life

  • Partner’s understanding of birth process and support techniques in labour creates a positive birth experience

  • Gentle birth reduce birth injuries and birth trauma for mother and baby

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