Top 6 Reasons Why you need Preconception Cleansing/Detoxification

Getting pregnant can be exciting, for some women it can be a distress. Often getting pregnant is just so natural that it did not occur to most people that preconception cleansing is essential. Neither nor they know that pregnancy is actually a process of detoxification. Here are 6 reasons why you need to know about preconception health and why our body needs preconception cleansing.

1. Pregnancy is a process of detoxification

Have you wondered why women must past the first trimester to be confirmed that her pregnancy continues? When a woman found out she is pregnant, she may experience a sign of morning sickness as early as 6th weeks in her pregnancy. Morning sickness such as vomiting and nausea are signs of natural physiological changes enabling the removal of the toxin from the woman’s body commonly occur during the first trimester. Detoxification takes place more intensely during this period so that the womb can provide a safer place to nurture the little life.

The body is intelligent. It does what is necessary to protect both the expectant mum and the baby. Should the woman’s health is deemed not fit to nurture this baby, pregnancy will be terminated, miscarriage occurs. If pregnancy happens to continue despite a poor nurturing environment, baby’s development may be compromised. Healthy couples give birth to a healthy baby. Preeclampsia happens to women with the underlying health condition. Wonder why some women experience swollen feet, excess protein in their urine and high blood pressure during pregnancy, others don’t?

2. Possibly to Prevent Birth Defects

Birth Defects are broadly defined as functional and metabolic disorders that although present but may not necessarily recognisable at birth. Birth defects cause physical and mental disability. Birth defects severely impact the quality of life of the children and their mobility some can be fatal. The causes of birth defects may be due to genetic when one or more genes do not work properly or a part of the genes is missing.

4 Steps to Building a Healthy Body to Prepare for Conception

To prepare for conception, you will definitely need to have a healthy body for your baby to get all the right nutrition and vitamins.

Here are 4 steps for you to follow to get your body to prepare for conception.

1. Overhaul the body

First and foremost, by going for a full detoxification program is ideal even for any healthy individual. It is like spring-cleaning your house. There are so much rubbish accumulated over the years that we need to remove in order for our body to activate it’s self-healing properties, or I should say remove the burden of the body and let our internal machines run smoothly.

So, what is detoxification? There are two types of detox. One is detoxify our liver, blood, kidney, skin and our gut/colon. Second type of detox is infact called colon cleansing. Which is just clear the encrustation (in our gut including the colon. To elaborate further, prolapsed colon is one of the causes of infertility. It caused blockage in the fallopian tube that prevent ovulation from happening. An effective detoxification program starts by removal of toxin follow by rejuvenation of our body by pumping up nutrients to the body due to nutritional deficiency.

Both types of detoxification or colon cleansing programs can be administered by yourself.