A Relaxed and Calm Birth Provide a Head Start for Your Baby

From being passionate about natural health to natural childbirth, five years ago, I had the privilege to birth my second baby my way. Yes, it was a Hypno-Waterbirth at NUH. Having feared most about the pain in childbirth, yet wanted a total natural birth experience.

I did not buy the idea that “Women must endure the pain of childbirth in order to be a real mother”.

After much research, I chose the comfort of water and HypnoBirthing® as an alternative to drugs. HypnoBirthing education exceeded my expectation of natural birth. I regained my confidence and took control of my birth. From preconception to childbirth, I had the most empowering, confident and satisfying birth ever. More of my story here

“If we get the birth right, we get the world right”
Soo Downe, Professor of Midwifery

Pregnancy, childbirth or just thinking about conception can be exciting, confused and even scared. Understand What Babies Want is the first step into parenting. Babies have birth rights. They want to be love, respected, healthy and complete. How you bring your baby into this world can affect how they face challenges in life.

Problem in Childbirth Today


Primal Health Research convinced that adult’s health to a greater extend is shaped by the primal period (from conception to early life of the baby). That explained why asthma attacked still occurs in adults. Eczema, asthma, sinus, ADHD, autism etc are some common health issues in children today. What kind of quality of life do you think these kids have?

So, what can we do to change that?

You can improve the health of your offspring through preconception cleansing follow by rebuilding of health for the couples. The health of the mother in particular directly related to the health of the baby, her pregnancy health through birth and even post partum health.

Childbirth becomes a Medical Event

The most mature, sophisticated modern women today do not believe that they can birth naturally. Women are socialized to believe that the blessed event of birth cannot be done in the absence of medical care. Pregnant women are healthy, just because they are pregnant do not mean they are sick. Should hospital address pregnant women as patients?

They become the victim of technology

At Childbirth Odyssey, I wish to bring that confidence back to the couple. Share my knowledge and experience in matters related to childbirth from preconception planning, to preconception health to empower you to own your birth. Only through childbirth education you are given informed choices so that you can make healthy decisions about your most satisfying, safe and enjoyable childbirth experience.

Much work has been done by Birth Activist, Birth Revolution and other natural childbirth educators in Singapore to advocate Natural Birth. Many couples are still not aware of their options, their right to own their birth. Parents often surrender their right to their care givers end in much discomfort and medical intervention. Ironically, the most knowledgeable, independent, mature women lack the confidence and forget about their mother instinct to birth their babies without much assistance.

Women’s confidence and ability to birth naturally is challenged by the care provided, the place of birth, and the amount of input the women can add to decision about their own care.

Childbirth matters because parents’ preconception health to birth can shape the little ones’ health conditions, ability to face this world of challenges and their belief systems.

Every single preparation the couple makes have a great impact on the baby’s physical growth and psychological blockages. Healthy body provides a head start in their life and that it can protect the child from birth defect and other inborn sicknesses.

What babies experience during birth can shape who they are.

When the birth journey is a smooth one without the sudden shift of environment and other non-emergency medical interventions that can frighten the baby,  baby can be born fearless and able to take challenges in their life.

Childbirth is a learning process for both mother and father-to-be.

Especially for the women’s mental and physical changes to prepare for the mothering roles. Her physical well being, emotional stability, spiritually heighten to make motherhood a natural transition. An ability to birth unassisted can further strengthen the mother’s believe in herself, her confidence, self-esteem and consciousness in every aspect.

Every little preparation begins before conception has impact on the outcome of the birth. You can reclaim what you didn’t even know was lost.

A complete prenatal classes, HypnoBirthing® – The Mongan Method prepares couples a positive pre-birth parenting mind, return the women her confidence in trusting her body’s natural instinct in birthing. Relaxation and visualisation method that assist you in achieving a calm and relax birth, provide the smoothest transition from the dark cosy womb into a safe and loving environment.

Provide baby a harmonious beginning.   Fear is no longer an issue and is replaced with confidence, consciousness, empowerment and enjoyment in every stage of childbirth.

I am part of the Birth Revolution, so as celebrity moms like Jessica Alba, Angelina Jolie and Tiffani Thiessen. What about you?

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