Trying to conceive? You are not ready mentally or physically to bear a child
Infertility? It is the nature’s way of protecting the human race?
Morning sickness? It’s the body’s natural way to prepare a nurturing environment for a new life by expelling toxin.
Cravings? Lack of nutrients especially minerals

Prepare an Ideal Health for Both Partners Before Conception

Why is Detoxification and Rejuvenation necessary? To prevent birth defects, to provide a better health of your off-spring, to prevent emotional distress from taking care frequent sick child, to prevent financial burden dealing with child with birth defects, to enjoy smooth pregnancy (preeclampsia, gestational diabetes) and better birth outcome.

DIY Health Retreat/Cleansing Workshop
25 Nov 10am-1pm
Preview is held on Thursday 22 Nov 8:30pm-9:15pm
Blk 138 Simei St 1 (Unit No. will be provided upon registration)
RSVP here or contact us for enquiry at 9863 7867

What you will learn in this workshop?

    • 3 hours workshop on colon cleansing with raw food and the theory
    • Understand digestion and the impact on various health conditions
    • Food to eat (alkaline forming) and food to avoid (acidic forming)
    • Basic food combination and the common mistake
    • How to treat food and not just what to eat
    • Step by step easy to follow guide and meal plan even for those at work
    • Bring home cleansing herb for further colon cleansing at home for 7 day (remove 500g-1kg of encrustation, impurities and possibly parasites in the system).
    • Enjoy Green Smoothies, Detox Drink, Juices and Salad
    • $68 per person, $120 per couple

Find out more at Top 6 Reasons Why you Should Perform Preconception Cleansing or register for the cleansing program.

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