Labour Tools Active Birth Class

Advanced childbirth class to train your husband to be your Birth Doula. This is a skill-based hands-on technique used in labour for comfort

You and your partner will learn how to enjoy your birth in the following area:

  • Labour coping tools and techniques with Selendang, Birth Ball and other Birthing Tools
  • Troubleshooting for labour progress. Identify baby’s position, signs that require repositioning.
  • Provide space in the pelvis to assist the baby to rotate into an optimal labour and birth position
  • Various maternal labour and birth positions for an easier and more effective birth
  • Partner massage, and acupressure points to enhance relaxation-promote body’s production of endorphins and oxytocin to speed up labour
  • Body alignment techniques to balance the muscles and ligaments in the pelvis as a quick fix in labour.

Venue: The Mind Sanctuary 10 Winstedt Rd #01-04 Singapore 227977

Class Date: Click Antenatal birth classes

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