Sarah’s Drug-Free Birth

I am Sarah Lee-Wong. This was my third birth and it was the best birth experience. I had two traumatic previous labour and I was very fearful of having a difficult labour. Both of my previous births were also induced. I suffered third degree tears for my first, and my second had to be vacuumed…


Remove Negative Emotion and Nurturing Touch

This two hours Free Session is presented to you by three practitioners to prepare you before conception, during pregnancy and after birth care: 2.00pm-Ms Rimi Yoshida, Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner Remove Emotional Baggage using Emotion Code and Body Code. Negative emotions can affect hwo we feel about ourselves and how we behave. It…

Baby Bonding Massage

Baby Butterfly Touch for Bonding

Butterfly Touch Massage is one of the techniques taught in Gentle Bio-Energetics developed by Dr. Eva Reich. It  is a gentle form of light touch therapy that expands our life energy, promotes family bonding, relaxation, healing, growth and overall improve well-being. This BTM is suitable for all age groups particularly beneficial to premature and newborn babies…