Wendy’s First Birth

Wendy wanted a drug-free natural birth but she agreed to kick start labour with chemical drugs. Because her labour was induced chemically, her birth wishes were not being honoured and the baby was in distress over the use of Pitocin to strengthen her labour. Hence, Pitocin was stopped. Her body, fortunately, responded well to the inducement and birth her baby vaginally. Looking back, she wished she could engage a Doula and a pro-natural birth doctor for a better birth experience.

Vaiginal Birth or Natural Birth

Christopher’s Unwanted Stress

Christopher didn’t understand why his wife wanted to attend HypnoBirthing even after three vaginal birth. After Chris attended the first HypnoBirthing class, he realised that the previous birth experience was not considered natural birth but highly medicalised with chemical induction without a medical condition. Finally, Christopher was more involved in welcoming their fourth baby into this world with much confidence and anticipation, bonding with his wife and baby created a precious memory for him and his family.