Birth with DoulaIf you are giving birth in Singapore, confuse and not knowing what to expect during labour and birth or simply require an additional support, consider hiring a Birth Doula. Having a doula in Singapore has shown to improve birth satisfaction, birth outcome and ease the childbirth process.

What is a Doula?

Doula is a birth companion who acts as an emotional tranquilizer for the labouring woman and her partner . Birth Doula is mainly woman supports woman at birth as she has been through childbirth or a trained birth professional who is familiar with the hospital procedure and birth process. She supports expectant mom and her husband/partner in various aspects including and not limited to the following:

  • help you to navigate Singapore hospitals system so that you know what to expect in labour and birth
  • address your concern for labour and help you to expand your understanding in the natural process of birth
  • create a Birth Plan that suits your needs
  • relax mind and body through special breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, touch therapy, massage
  • suggest on ways to achieve a non medicated birth through suggesting positioning and repositioning
  • learn to understand your baby’s need and assist you to welcome your baby gently into this strange new world

Successful Breech TurnBirth Support Doula Service Package includes:Hire a doula in Singapore improves birth outcome

  • Total four private consultations/visits
  • Birth support during labour and birth until baby is born
  • Options: Use prenatal private consultation for Labour Tools or Calming Baby group classes or both
  • Postnatal visit at hospital or at home
  • Complimentary Butterfly Touch Massage for bonding during pregnancy or after birth. This is a group class conducted on weekdays only.
  • Unlimited support through phone and email
  • Doula Service Package by two doulas at only $1600
  • Deluxe Doula Package $2050 includes HypnoBirthing childbirth course and birth support. Increase your chance of success in achieving natural birth with the right mindset, reduce fear and enhance relaxation through hypnosis sessions. Read more here.

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