Calming Baby is an infant care class specially designed to help expectant couples learn more about their babies after birth in the following areas:Calming Baby

  1. Understand Baby’s Basic Needs through various cues, cries/sound
  2. Calming anti colic massage for baby enhances bonding between parent and baby, relieve bodily discomfort and brings relaxation
  3. How to turn on baby’s Calming Reflex using the 5S’

Keeping your baby calm and at peace is parent’s first priority. Parents can confidently help baby adjust to the life outside of the womb.

Benefits to the family:

  • Ability to identify baby’s needs promptly
  • Reduce stress because baby is contented when his needs are being met
  • Improve sleep and better digestion when baby is well adjusted and more at peace
  • Improve self-esteem and feel more empowered
  • Balance family autonomic nervous system so that improve family’s overall health and well-being
  • Calming Baby makes your parenthood journey a lot easier

Date: Sunday, 4 March/18 March 2018
Time: 3.00pm-5.30pm
Venue: 9 Taman Serasi #02-17, Botanic Gardens View
Cost: Group $100/Private at $200

Register here or call (65) 6110 9863/PH- 9863 7867 to inquire.