Golden Seal

Authenticity Gold Seal for Certified Practitioners

Before you attend any HypnoBirthing® Course, make sure your instructor is currently certified and teaches a complete HypnoBirthing syllabuses according to the HypnoBirthing Institute guidelines. He or she must obtained the golden seal. You can find a HypnoBirthing Instructor on HypnoBirthing Institute website. Below is a list of HypnoBirthing Practitioners who are currently teaching HypnoBirthing childbirth course in Singapore:

Kong Choon Yen

Kong Choon Yen HBCE, BD, HBIMI

Yen is a mother of two boys, also a HypnoBirthing mom, Birth Doula and Infant Massage Instructor. She helps expectant couples to approach birth with confidence, guiding them step by step in an easy to understand manner both in class and at birth. She advocates preconception detox to prepare for pregnancy. Yen believes in holistic living and starts a Holistic Pregnancy and Birth Support Group to share with families holistic approach from conception to birth and beyond.
Classes: Bukit Timah on Tueday,and Sunday, Simei on Saturday. See Class Schedule. HP. 9863 7867

Rowan BSc (Hons), MSc, HBCE

Rowan BSc (Hons), MSc, HBCE

Rowan is a HypnoBirthing mum to her little boy and a senior medical scientist previously employed by Cambridge University Hospital. She discovered HypnoBirthing during her second trimester and firmly believes this amazing technique changed not only her birth experience but also her life. She believes passionately in the fundamental design of female anatomy and physiology and, that when these are tuned into correctly and respectfully that they alone are all that is needed for a calm, gentle and comfortable birth experience for healthy mums and babies. She passes this knowledge with clarity and ease to expectant couples giving them the tools and confidence to enjoy a beautiful, calm and gentle start to family life together.
Classes: Marine Parade Rd on Saturday. See class schedule at HP:9001 2738

Kiki Porter Wolff

Kiki Porter, Midwife, HBCE

Kiki Porter Wolff is a British trained Midwife & Pediatric Nurse with over 35 years experience. She has lived and worked in Asia for the past 16 years and works exclusively with Dr TC Chang at Thomson Medical Clinic as his Maternity Liaison & Private Doula. Kiki set up Hypnobrthing ‘The Marie Mongan Method’ at TMC(Thomson Medical Centre) and has been teaching it for them for the last 5 years.
Classes: TMC on Monday evening. Contact Kiki for more details at 91085521/ 6243 1067

Fauziah AbbasFauziah Abbas is  an ex-school teacher who left  the  teaching profession to raise her 4 children. She is passionate about supporting families and focused on providing services aimed to help them make informed decision necessary for their health and well-being. Apart from being a birth and postpartum doula, she is also an infant massage instructor and  a certified hypnotherapist specialising in HypnoBirthing.
Classes: Sembawang and Kembangan. Kindly refer to class schedule at . Hp: 92970171



Red Miller is a Midwife, registered Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist and Hypnobirthing Practitioner. She brings 10 years of experience working with families all over the globe, the last 8 years spent in Asia. Her passion is easy to feel and she loves to focus on strengthening parents understanding of family centered care and how to become advocates for themselves.
Her specialty is individualizing classes to meet the style and need of the couple or group.
Classess:Bukit Timah on Saturday. See her schedule at HP: 9486 6230

Thomas Hoong HP. 8113 1286