Singapore World HypnoBirthing Day 2015

World HypnoBirthing Day-A Celebration of Life

From Andorra to Singapore, the world is celebrating HypnoBirthing-Taking The Birthing World by Calm in celebration of HypnoBirthing® 25 years of bringing calm and confidence to families. Join us in this Celebration and Holistic Birth Preparation Seminar with feature speakers who are committed to help you make good decisions to achieve a safer, healthier and a…

Emotion Around Pregnancy and Father's Involvement

Emotion Around Pregnancy and Father’s Involvement

Our Holistic Pregnancy and Birth Support Group‘s monthly meet up in April is lead by Rebecca Lawson who facilitates The Positive Birth Group in town. I am delighted to invite her to share her contribution in helping expectant mothers to face their concerns and talk about their feelings, thoughts about their pregnancy.Lets come together and share experiences,…

MicroBirth World Screening Singapore

Birthworkers in Singapore are putting this first ever Microbirth world screening together. Join us in this global screening and be the first to watch a 60 minutes feature length documentary reveal how medical intervention during childbirth could be damaging the long-term health of our children with consequences for all of humanity. This is an educational film that opens a new possibility improve health of a child when a crucial component is missing at birth.

Pediatric Neurologic Assessment and Calming Massage

Baby Bonding MassageMs Adida Shahab, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist and Ms Kong Choon Yen, HypnoBirthing Infant Massage Instructor present to you a two parts workshop ideal for parents with young babies from newborn to 9 months old to learn baby developmental assessment and baby bonding through touch. Expectant Couples are encourage to join us as well.

Pediatric Neurologic Assessment

Baby may seem to be doing well on breastfeeding, however, she may not have used most of the sucking muscles.  Mother may get crack nipples but no matter how she positions her baby for latching, breastfeeding seems painful and mum is holding tension. This tension is transferred to baby.

Life in the Womb and Birth Talk in Kota Kinabalu

Who should attend: Pregnant mothers and their husbands, married couples and parents Calm and Happy HypnoBirth Baby Photo provided by Birth Easy

Speaker: Ms Kong Choon Yen, a HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator, Birth Doula and an Infant Massage Instructor

Catch “What Babies Want” a movie based on research findings.

1. Explore into the area of how life in the womb and the birth process has a lifelong impact in baby’s life.
2. Debunk Myths about Childbirth. How to achieve a Stress Free and possibly Pain Free Birth through HypnoBirthing Natural Childbirth Education.
3. Role of the Husband and the Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

Date: 3 February at 8pm-9pm
Venue: Taman Bornion, Kota Kinabalu
Cost: Free

Gestational Diabetes and Treatment Options

Gestational diabetes, which occurs during pregnancy, is marked by high blood sugar levels that might be due to hormone changes, and insulin resistance. In fact, moms with this type of diabetes may need up to three times as much insulin during pregnancy than before or after.

Women who develop gestational diabetes are likely to face the same issue with future pregnancies. These women also tend to develop type 2 diabetes later in life— the link may be explained by the similar risk factors for both type 2 and gestational diabetes.

Being more than 20 percent overweight increases the risk of diabetes. Losing weight can help avoid diabetes altogether, though pregnant women should not attempt to lose weight unless under the direction of a health care professional.