Cesarean or Natural Birth

Kia Boon was determined to birth her baby naturally after attending HypnoBirthing and MicroBirth seminar done by Yen. However, her Doctor scarred her into cesarean reason given was her baby was too big for her size. Read how she achieved a natural birth in two days after her disappointing Doctor’s consultation.

Sarah’s Drug-Free Birth

I am Sarah Lee-Wong. This was my third birth and it was the best birth experience. I had two traumatic previous labour and I was very fearful of having a difficult labour. Both of my previous births were also induced. I suffered third degree tears for my first, and my second had to be vacuumed…

Singapore World HypnoBirthing Day 2015

World HypnoBirthing Day-A Celebration of Life

From Andorra to Singapore, the world is celebrating HypnoBirthing-Taking The Birthing World by Calm in celebration of HypnoBirthing® 25 years of bringing calm and confidence to families. Join us in this Celebration and Holistic Birth Preparation Seminar with feature speakers who are committed to help you make good decisions to achieve a safer, healthier and a…

Emotion Around Pregnancy and Father's Involvement

Emotion Around Pregnancy and Father’s Involvement

Our Holistic Pregnancy and Birth Support Group‘s monthly meet up in April is lead by Rebecca Lawson who facilitates The Positive Birth Group in town. I am delighted to invite her to share her contribution in helping expectant mothers to face their concerns and talk about their feelings, thoughts about their pregnancy.Lets come together and share experiences,…