Birth Talk and Inner Child Healing on 6 March 2014

Thursday, 6 March at 7.00pm-9.00pm

Life by Design Consultancy

21 Tan Quee Lan St #02-06 Heritage Place (Bugis MRT)

Speakers: Kong Choon Yen and Brian Koh

Based on research finding, you can explore areas in:

  1. Gentle Birth and Happy BabyWhat do you know about the mind of the baby during the life in the womb and the impact of the birth process on the child’s well-being lifelong
  2. HypnoBirthing-Gentle birth to a joyful beginning
  3. Healing techniques to both baby and parent to prevent emotional trauma

Registration required as seats are limited. Should you need further enquiries, feel free to use the form below or SMS to 9863 7867