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Doula Service

Doula Service

Labour Tools and Technique

Labour Tools

Calming Baby

Calming Baby

Baby Bonding Massage

Bonding Touch

Private Consultation

Private Consultation

Upcoming Events

HypnoBirthing Classes
Saturday, 27 April 3.30pm
Sunday, 21 April 10.30am
Sunday, 7 April 3.00pm
Thursday, 18 April 7.00pm
HypnoBirthing-A Holistic Childbirth
Saturday, 30 March 3.00pm
Saturday, 13 April, 6.30pm
Sunday, 21 April 1.30pm
Labour Tools for Husband

Sunday, 3.00pm

5 May / 2 June

Birth Options and Massage

Thursday, 7.00pm

27 / 9 April

Calming Baby

Sunday,  3.00pm
26 May / 7 July

Baby Butterfly Touch – Bonding 

Thursday, 11.00am
21 March

Holistic Pregnancy and Birth Support

Monthly Meetup Tuesday 11.00am

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