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Doula Service

Doula Service

Labour Tools and Technique

Labour Tools

Calming Baby

Calming Baby

Baby Bonding Massage

Bonding Touch

Private Consultation

Private Consultation

Calming Baby

Sunday,  3.00pm
6 January/24 February

Upcoming Events

HypnoBirthing Classes
Saturday, 29 December 3.30pm
Sunday, 23 December 10.30am
Thursday,  3 January 7.00pm
Labour Tools for Husband

Sunday, 3.00pm

13 January/17 February

Baby Butterfly Touch – Bonding 

Thursday, 11.00am
10 January /28 February

Butterfly Touch Massage Therapy

Thursday – 2pm, 2.40pm, 3.20pm

Holistic Pregnancy and Birth Support

27 November, Pregnancy and Confinement Super Food

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