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It's not about your pain threshold level but most doctors thought, it's the labouring woman's ability to relax

Labour Tool

Calming Baby

Calming Baby

Childbirth Odyssey Infant Massage

Infant Massage


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HypnoBirthing Classes
Group or Private

Saturday, 8 April 10.30am
Sunday, 23 April 10.30am

Thursday, 13 April  7.00pm

Month HypnoBirthing Support

Saturday, 8 April 1.15pm

Labour Tools for Husband

Sunday, 2 April 3pm

Calming Baby

Saturday, 15 April 2.30pm

Butterfly Touch Massage – Bonding 

Friday, 24 March 11am

Butterfly Touch Massage Therapy-Free Session

Thursday, April 6, 20 12pm-2pm

Only Certified Practitioners obtain golden seal. Look out for the authenticity

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